The A543 winds through a pass in the Welsh border range (Offa’s Dyke) and down into the broad Vale of Clywd, where John Lennon’s first wife had a house. The theory of a local newspaper columnist is that the A543 is The Long and Winding Road in the Beatles hit. Image

I like to think that as we turn off the A543 and wind up a steep hill overlooking the Vale on the road that leads to our door. Our latest home is a caravan in a park on Blorant Farm. The farm was acquired by the father of Grace, a friend of Erica from when she worked in a dockside hospital in Liverpool. Grace’s father worked on the farm during WWII. He brought families dispossessed from the bombings to the farm and hunted on it to bring in food to feed them. After the war the royal family that owned it sold it to him for a song. The farm is a beautiful thing sitting atop a hill that looks out to the Offa’s Dyke range and the Vale of Clwyd. Thanks so much, Grace! We’ve got a lovely first home in North Wales. Image