In an earlier blog I described the getting to the Llanrwst Agriculture Fair. We arrived with judging in full swing. The tension in the air was as thick as the cattle smell and the mud bogs that the fairground fields were already ripening into. 

Cattle and sheep judging

Farmers wearing rubber pants tucked into Wellies arrived in battle bent Land Rovers and Defenders. Women teased cattle tails into 1980s style buefants. Men worried nose ring leads and joined in leaning contests with their livestock. Boys and girls in white dairy coats bowed with scratching sticks on bovine bellies like bass fiddles. The cattle competition was dominated by the Limosine breed

famous for substantial buttocks that the judges loved to squeeze, and

the Welsh Black breed with thick curly coats looking like Tom Jones in his prime.

Sheep of every color and texture were carried, herded and prodded into perfect lines facing away from judges for their buttocks to be admired. Bright orange sheep with black heads.




Rams with black patton leather polished horns.






Many of the sheep were from Denbigh area, where Erica grew up. She was very proud. We both had a great time!