“Turn left at the sign for Sodom then immediately left into Barlow’s CaravanPark.” Those are the directions to our trailer park. North Wales has its share of towns with interesting names, like Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch, but Sodom?

To make it more provocative the sign had been changed from 3 ½ to 3 miles. Even the highway department wasn’t exactly sure where it was. Had it succumbed to the same fate as its biblical namesake? We had to know.

1st Expedition:

We found the road to Sodom quite straight and narrow considering its destination.  The tree and hedge lined lane cut straight through perfect pastures.

Sadly there were no pillars of salt to guide us. After a mile the lane had had enough of straight and split into three snakes of lanes veering steeply. All were disused and quiet. We chose the middle fork that dropped precipitously into a dark dell and followed the rain runoff from the pastures above. Towering elms and maples grew out of ancient stone fences. The lane tunneled through ancient untended hedges. Another fork appeared and standing there like a prophet a farmer pointed the way to higher ground. His dog herded us in the same direction. Up that path we came upon the Offa’s Dyke Path and some of the best views in all of Wales if not all of Great Britain.

But no signs of Sodom.

2nd Expedition:

Our second attempt to find Sodom led us down the left fork in the road. This fork was straight and pleasant slowly descending through rolling pastures. Ancient Oaks, clothed in vine netting twisted sensuously up through hedges. After a mile or so the lane dropped steeply into a forest and below to the vale of Clwyd. Still no pillars of salt and no Sodom.

Our Last Attempt:

The lane to the right climbed steeply then followed the edge of an old estate. Immaculately tended, tree lined stone fences led away to the right and thick forest dropped off to the left. After a mile the lane emptied into another road that dropped away toward the Irish Sea sparkling salt white. Down that road was a lane to the left that we had walked on our 1st expedition. It’s sign said “2 Sodom”.

Maybe Sodom was doomed long ago with the rise of Welsh Methodism and the road to Sodom is a road to sod all.