Terry has been coming to the trailer park for decades. He was born just after WWII in Widnes, Lancashire. Son of a coal miner. His mother thought he was a ‘reet’ fine boy that any girl would like. I’m not sure why she had to promote him this way. Do you? His older brother died in the mines at 17. Even so Terry still worked the mines. He was also a semi-pro rugby league, not rugby union, player. “Ruuugby leeeague is workin’ man’s ruuugby, no scruuums, and we didn’t huuug and kiss when we scored”. Even though his matches would draw thousands and he was traded for thousands of pounds to big teams like Leeds  he never got paid much. If they won they would get 4 quid (British Pounds). If they lost they got 1 quid 50 pence. He was so busy between the two jobs he would get off work at the mines, shower, run out wet haired and climb the fence onto the rugby pitch just in time for the match.

Terry and food.

Terry has never eaten pasta or rice in his life. He loves anything from pigs.He swares by Bury Black Pudding. When he was young and always hungry and times were tough he would have “impression sandwiches”. His dad would cook bacon, put it between two slices of bread and press, then take out the bacon and give him the two pieces of bread. Impression sandwiches were better than the pig dick sandwiches that he would need to “chew on for three daaays before swallowin’”. Pig’s head was a delicacy. The eyeballs would squirt when chewed on. Terry’s eyes role up in his head when he talks about the pork pies from Lancashire. “Welsh pies have red mince but luuuvley Lancashire meat is gray and mushed together with potatoes. Mmmm graaaet”. The pie, 2 slices of bread and a Lancashire Dark Mild to wash it down is heaven.

Terry’s rugby friends were similar. One of the benefits in rugby league was that the team would usually be fed “pies and peas” after the match. Once someone made the mistake of trying to feed the team spaghetti and, “what’s that mince in tomato sauce, chili?”. None of the team would eat the spaghetti bolognaise so Terry pooled their game earnings to buy 24 orders of fish and chips, and of course, mushy peas. Hmmm!