It’s official, we’ve cleared the final hurdle to become proud owners of a little piece of Wales. We’ve bought a place in Llandudno, ‘the largest seaside town in Wales’. Here’s a tour. Llandudno is on the north coast of Wales near Snowdonia, one of the most beautiful areas of the UK in my objective opinion. It sits out on a peninsula dominated by the Great Orme  a rocky outcrop where a 4,000 year old copper mine was discovered during construction of the car park for, believe it or not, an artificial snow ski slope.  Does anyone else find that last sentence strange? The town has a west and east seafront.  This is the east shore promenade and the Lesser Orme in the distance. Under the hill (Tan y Bryn in Welsh) where my finger is pointing is where our little townhouse sits and looks out over the Great Orme and both shores.

So how do you pronounce Llandudno?

This one is actually not too bad. The ‘u’ is pronounced like a soft ‘i’. Now for the double ‘ll’. It’s not unlike but softer than the German guttural ‘ch’. Get a mouth full of saliva, touch tongue to roof of mouth, stand back a safe distance and let the air pass along the sides of the tongue and through all that juicy stuff.

We’re going to miss the caravan park, the people, and Milly (see previous post) but are excited to finally get settled into a great town and a townhouse that has CENTRAL HEATING!