In the twelvth century Lord Madog set sail from North Wales, turned left and discovered America. Turns out he departed from a harbor just 1/2 mile from our new home in Llandudno.

Where did I discover this startling information that is in no way a promotion of our new digs? In a masterpiece written by the brilliant researcher, Michael Senior. In its pages we find that Queen Elizabeth was presented in 1583 with a report by Sir Humphrey Gilbert, half brother of Sir Walter Raleigh, stating “The Lord Madog, sonne to Owen Gwynedd, Prince of Northwales, led a Colonie and inhabited in Terra Florida or there abowts”. You can find it in wikipedia ( ) so it must be true!

This indisputable evidence proves Wales’ claim to the new world!

So if a Welshman discovered America why is it Americans don’t even know where Wales is? Why were there Dodge DeSotos but no Mercury Madogs? Why is it they celebrate St Patrick’s Day instead of St. David’s, the Welsh patron saint? Nothing is even mentioned in American schools about Madog or the ‘Welsh Indian tribe’ that was rumored to exist in the American mid-west in the 19th Century.

To correct this injustice of history I have decided to provide, for a small fee, guided historical tours to the little known launch site for any American  wishing to come to Llandudno and learn the true story of the discovery of America.