At 9:30 this morning lights were still lit along the east shore promenade, the pier and the street winding up the Great Orme. Smudges in the otherwise slate grayness.  It’s just six hours on and the sun is already setting behind the Snowdonia range. above tan y bryn sunset  Thick frost casts a long white shadow on the north face of Wales. frostSoon the long night will set in. Longer than any this lower latitude lad ever experienced before, especially in his American years. It makes me especially appreciate the lights of the town, DSCN4361 along the promenade prom lights2 and the christmas lights on the high street. christmas lights My  favorite lights are on the other side of our hill looking across the estruary to the Conwy promenade, bridge and castle. conwy lights Thank goodness for the lightbulb on these very long winter nights. Happy solstice from the far north of Wales.