Here are some reasons why you should visit California:

1. Guns 001assault

Considering coming to California but concerned about gun violence in the USA? Fear no more! California has the most progressive gun control laws in the country, including a database of all registered owners and their criminal/medical histories. Turns out that in California there are only 20,000 known criminals, felons, outlaws or mentally deranged people that still possess a total of 40,000 guns. So no worries.

2. Sun 001sun Need I say more?

3. Parrots, pyramids and the Pacific002

The first day back I climbed Telegraph Hill in San Francisco listened to the hummingbirds, smelled the eucalyptus and watched the parrots flock and squawk at sunrise. Nothing like it, anywhere.

4. Petaluma, palms and people 001petaluma

The people of the San Francisco Bay area and Petaluma in particular are unique and wonderful. We’ve had such a lovely time visiting, accepting the wonderful hospitality, laughing, singing. What a great place!

Today we’re off on our SoCalizona tour, hoping to visit the Quartzite, Arizona Yacht Club, a desert valley where thousands of land yachts (motor homes) migrate to each winter. More to come.