eastcoast 011 Winter/Spring break is over and we’re heading home.

Tomorrow we leave Terra Florida to do the unthinkable: take a 13 day boat passage back to Olde Blighty. I keep telling Erica, “don’t worry, it’s not a Carnival cruise, carnival disaster there’s a good chance the toilets will work most of the way”. She’s not buying it.

We already miss all the wonderful friends people1 and family we saw, and new ones cliff_dwellings035 we met along the way.

We’ll treasure memories of our travels cliff_dwellings 009 holbrook3people9

After the cold of the sierras, 041 the snow of the northeast PA 014 the tropical downpours of the southeast eastcoast 015 we’re feeling the call of the weather of Wales.

Back to the old world with lots of lovely memories of the new. prescott lake038

Hello and goodbye.