This last week we celebrated a Mid-Atlantic mashup of two separate but suspect holidays (any excuse to drink excessively). The weather even behaved with more sunshine than all of last summer. cincomayo 003  And warm! One day was warmer here than in Petaluma California. So there!  Good timing because it was Bank Holiday Monday. My understanding is that British May Bank Holiday weekend replaced May Day when socialist workers unions were replaced by, well, banks. It also replaces Welsh Pinching Day, where anyone not wearing ivy is pinched (I know, I’m lost too). Our town of Llandudno really put on a show with a Victorian fair complete with rides:

fair 016

Victorian era swing ride from Germany

fair 019games fair 010

The shoot a knight with a cross bow game

prizes fair people020 fair food fair people 037 and punked out steam powered low riders. llan bank holiday 034 There was also a Transit Festival including old trucks and buses like these bus008 bus 007

Cinco de Mayo (May 5th) is a celebration held mainly in the United States honoring Mexico’s defeat of the French, but really just an excuse to drink tequila, dance to loud mariachi music, drink tequila, eat Mexican food, drink tequila. Seemed like a natural for Brits (slam the French while drinking) so we had some new friends over and tried to recreate as much as possible. cincomayo 009

Happy holidays to all on both sides of the Atlantic.