This is a re-posting of my 2012 Christmas blog. I figure I’ll just keep re-posting it each year until it gets the derogatory comments it so deserves.

No coal filled stockings in North Wales tonight

The coals in the fire and the fire’s alight

No neon santas or fake christmas trees

Just a wreath round the chimney and a bird from the sea. xmas wreath

Brain’s Bitter, Wobbly Bob and an Old Speckled Hen xmas beer list

A goose or a gander and a roast minted lamb

Roots from the garden, potatoes and swedes

Parsnips and carrots, and famous Welsh leeks xmas leek2

Christmas Pudding, Jam Sponges and a fine Spotted Dick xmas list

A Welsh Christmas dinner, laid long and thick

After the feeding it’s back to the ales xmas national ale of wales

Draught double dragon, the official of Wales

We’ll drink, we’ll drink, we’ll drink and we’ll sing

Have a Happy Christmas, and four aspirin…

…especially if you were expecting Dylan Thomas.