3.5 million years ago Comet Ison did a swan dive from a light year out in space and until last week fine tuned its trajectory for it’s rendezvous with the sun. But after all that time it still managed to get it wrong and spectacularly burned up in the corona of the sun. Now there is an epic travel adventure.

I’ve also spent a fair amount of time preparing for our rendezvous with Spain and Africa. I’ve consulted books and maps and made plans and back up plans. I’ve packed away
– 5, 200g bars of dark chocolate (after all our route includes culinarilly challenged France)
– 4 credit cards
– 3 dental floss
– 2 prescription glasses
and a kindle with 30 books to read.

Now that we’re on our way I’m not at all sure I did enough planning.

We drove to southern England visited our good friends Peter and Patty where we had a fine meal complete with 31 dishes and condiments. 011 We then left to catch the night ferry to France. Just before we drove off my glasses fell apart in my shirt pocket. Not to worry. I replaced them with my backups. Peter, being the bear of a guy he is then gave me a big hug goodbye. I heard a distinct crack in my shirt pocket and sure enough my second pair were now broken. I’m now travelling through France at the beginning of a three month trip taking us to Spain and Africa with two pair of broken glasses, one which I managed to superglue a superstructure on. glasses

Tonight is our last night in France and I’m proud to say I had only a small bite of my chocolate emergency rations so far. We’ve just finished what has to be my best ever meal in France. The little town we’re staying in near Bordeaux has limited choice and on a whim we decided to go next door to a Mexican take away. What made the dinner so lovely was the owner of the shop. 029She spoke Spanish! I actually could understand what I was ordering! Better yet she is from Cuernavaca which we had both been to and loved. We spent more than an hour reminiscing about things Mexican and letting her ply us with Coronas y limones, pickled cactus, burritos and a lovely rum based drink a bit like eggnog. Best French food, ever!

On to Spain.