New Years Eve is not a big day in Spain. In fact they call it el dia viejo, the old day. The little mountain town of Castalla was a little sleepy. We were the only ones in the chinese restaurant at first. But being a small town has has its benefits. You tend to run into people you’ve seen before. So who were the second customers at the restaurant but the only two Brits we met, and Welsh at that. We shared a table and had a lovely long meal before winding back up the hill to our house in the middle of the olive orchard and watched on tele as Madrid celebrated.

The next morning we headed for the Costa del Sol and Almeria. almeria 024The town was buzzing with loads of families walking the Ramblas (main pedestrian boulevard) and eating churros. almeria 021One of the three kings had learned balloon tricks and was entertaining the kids. The 2nd of January we headed west along the Costa del Sol. Unfortunately it looked like the artist Christo had gotten there before us and wrapped it in plastic (the Costa del Plastico). almeria 028What had once been a desert coast is now for 100k white plastic covered green houses, as far as the eye can see. Every piece of flat land from mountains to sea are covered in a vast agribusiness under plastic. Even the mountainsides are getting covered with it. almeria 032We stayed over in the lovely coastal hill town of Salobrena. Our room had a terrace looking out over the snow capped Sierra Nevada (the Spanish version) salobrena 005and behind was an 11th century castle. almeria 037Lovely place. Tonight we’re at the very bottom of Europe in Tarifa, a cool little medieval walled hippy/dippy/surfer port town. Tomorrow we catch the ferry for Morocco. Wish us luck.