Sort of like Stinson Beach, California but looking out on Morocco instead of the Farallons. Trifa 001 A mini medieval walled, surfer dude, Santa Cruz. We managed to wedge a slice of a California dreamland between Morocco and our next stop, Ethiopia. We found this place by accident thinking it was just the easiest place to catch the ferry for Tangier. As it turned out it was a perfect place to rest our bones and feel at home before the grind of back packing in Africa again. The castle and walls of Tarifa were started in 700 when the Moors invaded Spain and made it their port. The Spanish took it back in 1292. The old town port side of Tarifa is on the Mediterranean. Trifa 012The beach side is on the Atlantic. Wind surfers laid seige to the town in the 1980s turning it from sleepy fishing/port into a hippy/dippy tourist town.The beach has the same aspect to the wind as Crissy Field in San Francisco making it perfect for kite boarding. Trifa 017Today the town still feels a little dozy thanks to hundreds of square miles of parkland around it keeping the place mostly cattle range land away from the beach. Feels a bit like Point Reyes. Even at the beach there’s range land. Tarifa 004Tarifa 007 We took a California day trip along the south coast, along eucalyptus lined roads, across the Colorado, through San Fernando, but instead of LA we found Cadiz, where Columbus and conquistador’s galleons set sail.

And the winners, Cadiz gulls - 3, Cadiz cats- 1

And the winners, Cadiz gulls – 3, Cadiz cats- 1

Tomorrow we leave Tarifa for Madrid from where we set sail this week for Ethiopia. Erica is dreaming about Ethiopian culture, me vaguely fixating on our scheduled air drop somewhere between Somalia and South Sudan. More to come.