Day two of our trip was a 7 hour bus ride into southern Ethiopia. We got a minibus to Moscow Square where the bus departed. We needed some cash so we hit the ATM at Wegagon (as in we gagin’) Bank. 5000 bir rolled out in a wad but not the ATM card. Yikes! Half hour to bus. We had to round the corner to find a service agent who unlocked the back of the ATM and began hammering, Heimlich maneuver style. Out popped the card with a burp. Many apologies and thanks and off to the bus. We rolled for an hour through Addis Ababa, past shanties and high rise construction. Past hand fed goats, past a goat herd ranging on the 4th floor of a  skeleton of a high rise construction. Out into the lovely open countryside of the Rif Valley and its lakes. We stopped once on the side of the road in seven hours, pj 002boys in front girls in back. Through Shesheme, the home of Ras Tafarianism and to lake Hawasa. The Lake is a beautiful place to watch sunsets,pj 007as long as you can appease the local birds who are quite friendly! pj 004We had the honor of meeting some orphanage workers from Calvary Chapel working just next door to our hotel. They invited us to a birthday party they were having with family and a number of orphanspj 005 from the southern tribes we intend to visit this week (more on that later)

Our last day at the lake we fell into a hotel ground conducting multiple weddings. What an interesting mix of western tradition and tribal customs! While we sat by the lake a hippo surfaced just 30 yards out to wish us a good onward journey.