hinterland  Hinterland is a dark, brooding BBC detective series based in west Wales and in Welsh. No worries, the English version includes subtitles. We left the north coast of Wales and rambled into the Hinterland a number of times this summer, and each time came back feeling “hiraeth”, a  yearning to return soon.

The weather has been exceptional (no prolonged periods of cold, drizzly rain) so we camped in the narrow valleys of Snowdonia and cooled our feet in the glacier cut lakes. snowdon 005 Even the sheep were sunbathing. snowdon 018 We blazed a trail back with our friend, Tim from Arizona into the high country (Mount Tryfan tops out at 3,000 ft. Whoa!). 048 He took his mittens and parka off for this shot.

Last week we went camping in the heart of the Hinterland. As usual we did meticulous planning for the trip. In this shot I was trying different methods of tea delivery since we forgot mugs. 012Notice the July 4th decorations on the hat. This is the 2nd time in 3 summers we’ve camped in west Wales on July 4th. Last time the farmer who owned the field we camped in came around with Union Jacks and a box of Gallo wine to help us celebrate. The Welsh love finding any occasion to celebrate the English being defeated. The California wine was great and the flags made more sense the more we drank.

Our favorite day last week was when we took a 25 mile long single track road over two ranges. In the middle we came upon these sheep being herded. 025 Just minutes before 4 RAF fighter jets came screaming low through the valley in opposite directions, passing a couple hundred feet above our heads. Felt like fleet week in San Francisco. On the last day we drove past Mt. Cader Idris  and hiked above a pass to take in the views 036 There we encountered an unusual clump of gentlemen with huge cameras 037 waiting for the RAF to fly through. Sort of aerial train spotting. The RAF never showed. We didn’t tell them what we saw the day before.

Home now from the Hinterland with hiraeth. 049