The end of summer is marked here by an ancient honey fair. Seven hundred years ago the folks of Conwy, North Wales noticed a significant drop in traffic coming through the town wall gates come September. So to boost tourism they convinced King Edward the 1st to charter a Honey Fair, which stated that each September 13th, from midnight to midnight, beekeepers could sell honey within the town walls, without charge. honey fairThink the Petaluma, California Food Festival but 690 years older. Thank you King Edward. Thank you Kevin and the bee keepers for keeping it going.

This summer went by in a blur, like the ending sprint of stage 2 of the Tour of Britain. bics 002 Unlike other bicycle tours ending in back waters like the Champs de Elysees, this race ended on the famous promenade in Llandudno! But like most of the highlights of our summer it was the family and friends we shared the event with that made it special. bics 005

The summer started with a Victorian Fair complete with a dream parade for steam punks. 010 This steam version of an electric generator has the same name as the much missed friend that couldn’t make it this summer. Hope to see you soon, Elizabeth.

We loved visiting Jane and her house full of puppies. 060Tim was the first of the Americans to grace our Llandudno shore. 046

Annette shed her city shoes and got down on the farm with us annette 007
Sorry Annette but I had to post that one. Here is a better one from the same farm… annette 001Alice, Lai and Nigel put on their hiking boots and hiked our hills. alice 010

Nancy and Anna stormed Conwy Castle with us. Nancy et al ConwyToo bad they missed the Honey Fair.

Here is to a great summer in Llandudno. lynn pen 024