From my December, 2012 blog:
“At 9:30 this morning lights were still lit along the north shore promenade. Smudges in the otherwise slate grayness.  It’s just six hours on and the sun is already setting, the long night beginning. Longer than any this lower latitude lad ever experienced before.”

Two years on I’m still brought up short by the length of days here on latitude 54, further north than the tip of South America is south.

The great indoors have been my haunt in the long nights as I’ve had a lot of fun with my radio show, Walesifornia, Sundays, 6-8pm GMT at, conwy The radio station has a dearth of funds but ample delusions of staying open anyway. We’re closed for the holidays but I hope to be back on the air, January 11th, 2015 (cross your fingers and stay tuned) bring out your dead

The onset of winter has also been a good time to get out to the pubs on open mic night. bluebell

The autumn weather was lovely, but has flown south with the great Welsh sheep migration. walessheep We spent a lot of time the last few months inland in the Snowdonia Range.  tryfanWe made some lovely new friends that live that way. Sue lives in a lovely old farm house on a flank of the Carneddau  massif. We’ve enjoyed walking with her,IMG_0994 especially to the lovely 12th century church of Llangelynnin in the moors of the whaleback Carneddau range. llanWe have hiked in that area for hours with only wild horses to greet us. horses 057 Sue has worked in many far flung places so we enjoy trading travel stories. She worked at one point in Islamabad and so we like to argue about the latest episodes of the Homeland TV series and how close to the truth they may be. homeland We also enjoyed meeting Sue’s friend, Gwdihw, pronounced Goody Who and meaning little owl in Welsh. Gwdihw is a lovely bard and artist who grew up under Snowdonia’s peaks. She has been a hoot, ouch, to get to know. Today we donned homemade masks IMG_2061 and walked with her to one of the many stone circles in North Wales to celebrate  a Celtic solstice.

Moel ty Uchaf stone circle

Moel ty Uchaf stone circle

What a way to help bring the sun back.

This week I finally got my passport back from the UK Home Office after  a five month ordeal know as Application for Unlimited Leave to Remain in the UK. Free at last.

We’re looking to let out a lot of pent up travel urge and hopefully see a number of you soon. Lock your doors and bar your windows, here we come. WooHoo!