First light (8a.m.) brought more blue skies than we’ve seen in a week. So we packed our Christmas dinner IMG_2062 and headed out on our favorite circular jaunt around Snowdonia (our Christmas rounds). Caernarfon was our first stop and it was magic. The castle town was all quiet streets and winter light, slanted and fierce. IMG_2073The harbour and the castle contrasted the dark clouds that hang over Snowdon all winter. IMG_2068  I found my boat. IMG_2071  Looks like the Catalina 30′ I lived on years ago.

By now it was noon and people were lining outside the pubs. We had a half in an old medieval one just inside the town walls. Everyone was speaking Welsh. The bartender looked like a young Dylan Thomas. It took three attempts at an order for his Welsh ears to interpret my American accent. Then off we went to the inner kingdom. We ate our ‘Christmas dinner’ by a glacier lake below Mt. Snowden. IMG_2075 We had time for a nice walk before the sun sank below the ridges (3pm). Time to turn back north. We stopped in a valley on the other side of Snowden that reminds me of Montana and had the last of the thermos coffee. IMG_2077 Over the bridge at LlanrwstIMG_2078 and home at dark (4pm). Christmas rounds complete. Hope you all had as good a day as we did.