Here in winter Wales when the low slung sun streams, it’s like the screams of an air raid siren issuing all able bodies with marching orders. Bikes, muddy boots, baby carriages, walkers, canes take to the streets. We followed along heading for Seal Cove below the Little Orme. IMG_2098 Along the way these horses sported their best winter wear even though a few sizes too big. IMG_2084 A winter party was in full swing at Seal Cove. IMG_2096 Up on the Great Orme wild goats kept to the leeward side of the hill.IMG_1015 Storm clouds over Snowdonia and back home to the electric 3 bar fire, kettle and winter afternoon TV movies.

Animation Binging

I blame it on the BBC, serving up one after another children’s animation movies over the holidays. It started with 101 Dalmatians. I promised myself, just 5 minutes. Too late. I was easy prey.
101 Dalmatians was the first movie I ever saw in a theatre. I was 4 or 5, my sister,  6 or 7. Her friend asked her along and my mother only agreed if they would take me, too. I’m sure my mother had only my good in mind. I was so young the British accent and location didn’t register. I now realize this might have been the first insidious seeds sewn of Anglophilia. We all know the path that led down!
Next up, Ice Age. “Oh just one more”, I said. Then followed closely by Shrek and Despicable Me. I started seeing characters in inanimate objects.

dispicable butternut squash

despicable butternut squash

Then came my favorite, Toy Story. My dreams became animated screen plays. I woke up this morning with these ideas:
– Toy Boy Story: Mrs. Potato Head shows up with a young spud after Mr. runs off with a new potato.
– Robins and Crows, Oh: Flock of migrating birds get blown off course to a desert island.
I’m getting afraid to close my eyes. Finding Nemo is on this afternoon. Oh, just one more…

Next blog from warmer climes. Stay tuned.