BLOG UPDATE: Alas Gullible the baby gull has gone. Last seen walking the roof ridge like a tight rope. He was only a fraction of his sister Patsy’s size and in the end was almost nothing but feet. 012Meanwhile Patsy is thriving and getting quite vocal, testing everyone’s nerves.

BLOG UPDATE -BREAKING NEWS: Gullible the baby gull is flung from nest by sister Patsy. Caught red handed on CCT:gullible

IMG_0965 (2)

This week the BBC told the story of an English family who had moved to an uninhabited island near Tonga, in the South Pacific to ‘be alone’. They were asked if all they wanted was to be alone why they hadn’t just  moved to west Wales. There are certainly more sheep and seabirds here than people.

It’s high season for nesting on the cliffs of our Little Orme, seabirds circling and calling in the midnight light of the summer solstice. 
Out on the Isle of Anglesey we explored along the cliffs of the South Stack IMG_1112where I saw for the first time a puffin with its beak in the high color of mating season.

thank you google images

thank you google images

Back at home we’ve been nest watching some gulls just across the street and are proud to announce the arrival of two hatchlings, Patsy and Gullible.292Lots of cute baby gull shots to come. Happy bird watching.