Like most travelers to Greece we went to catch up on some great TV. alb-009The whole trip to Athens went as smooth as greek yogurt. We boarded the airport metro, put in for the 2004 Olympics and had an easy ride to town. The drunk next to me ranted the whole way about the EU but at least he didn’t hit me when I said we voted against Brexit. Our airbnb host, NIck, met us at the metro and took us home. Nick was a bit of an anomaly. Nice guy but he made his living as an online poker player. He soon went out, it being Saturday night. We found a family place around the corner and had our first gyros. Yummm. We turned in and were fast asleep when the door buzzer rang. It was 1am. Nick wasn’t home and our experience with city apartments on Saturday nights was that drunks would sometimes ring the buzzers trying to get someone to ring them in. So we ignored it. Then the buzzer started ringing nonstop. Maybe not a drunk? Maybe a disgruntled girl friend, or loan collector? The buzzer was still ringing after 10 minutes. Now we’re thinking psycho killer. Finally I heard my name being called from outside. It was Nick and we had locked him out.
The whole trip since that night has been great. Lovely days exploring Athens streets athens-016 and museums, wonderful food athens-026 and friendly people.