From Athens we hopped a bus for the Peloponnese Peninsula, where we spent a week. First stop was Nafplio. A lovely, small old port town that was the capital of Greece in the early 18th century when the Venetians controlled the area. pelo-011
Our next bus was to Sparta where we had a cute little roof loft and played Greek Scrabble. sparta-014 That week was a local holiday honoring St. Nicholous. The churches were the place to be. sparta-016 Outside Sparta is a large hillside ruin of the last Byzantine stronghold in the middle ages. sparta-006 From Sparta we had a magnificent bus ride on switchbacks through autumn colored canyons reminding me of the Rockies. sparta-018-tagonytus-mtns After four buses and a taxi in twenty four hours we caught a ferry to the Ionian island of Cephalonia. 200cm of rain fell in the same period with flooding. ionia-011 The first night thunder shook the mountains like Grecian gods ranting about EU austerity measures. The island was still there the next morning but threatening more rain.