We’re feeling lucky. On this trip we’ve had a couple instances of receiving either bad or no information about desired bus connections. In both cases the missed connections led us to much better travel experiences. Thank you bus gods.

After a ferry from Albania we arrived in Puglia, southern Italy, and went to stay in the lovely baroque town of Lecce. italy1-010We both had colds which  dampened interest in sight seeing but we still went out. The echo effect in the baroque churches, caused by a hacking cough, is quite amazing. The candles flickered and the cherubs seemed to shake.  Scared even us.sicily1-011

We’ve had another bus schedule cock up. We visited the bus station for information and were told we could catch a 7pm bus the next night and to pay on board. So we checked out next morning and walked the baroque streets and huddled in a park, two cafes, a church, a pastry shop and a bar. 8 hours later we walked to the bus station just to find out the information was wrong and the bus was canceled due to a local holiday. Thankfully the ticket agent gave us a much better alternative that left early the next morning.  So we found a hotel, fell into bed and stayed another day in Lecce. Early the next morning was a bus to Taranto. We had cash ready when boarding and were promptly kicked off by the driver indicating tickets must be bought somewhere in the direction he was pointing. I went sprinting that direction and found nothing open accept a cafe. No bus tickets. So I ran back, muttering “another day in Lecce”. Bless the driver. He let us on without paying. We got a free ride to Taranto where we had a 4 hour layover. Lovely city full of fashionistas and fishermen. italy1-013Then down the coast to Consenza.

Next day another lovely bus ride concluding three weeks from Athens to Sicily and probably our last bus. Yeah!